Clear Cube Memorial (People)

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Use any image to create a 3D engraved memorial cube. The background of your image will be removed leaving only the likeness of the one you've lost at the forefront. This allows the presence of your loved one to last forever! 

The clear cube sits freely on top of a LED Lighted Base. The Clear Memorial Cube does not include a cylinder for ashes.

For People or Pets

Includes FREE LED Lighted Base + Standard Shipping

Ships within 36 hours


    We take a simple photo and transform it into a memorial that captures the essence of a life lived well

    Convert to 3D

    Capture Extraordinary Detail

    Have Their
    Presence with You Forever

    Secure Place to
    Store Ashes

    Any Photo Will Work


    Show your loved ones how special they are to you with this personalized memorial cube! Bring a smile to their faces with this thoughtful gift that freezes a special memory forever. Whether it be to celebrate the life of a person or a pet, Crystal Impressions photo memorials help you remember those you've lost.

    Sizing Information:

    √ Mini: 1.5” W x 2.375” H x 1.5” D
    √ Small: 2” W x 3.125” H x 2” D
    √ Medium: 2.375” W x 3.125” H x 2.375” D
    √ Large: 3” W x 4.375” H x 3” D
    √ XL: 4” W x 6” H x 4” D


    • For best results, your image should be 2MB or larger
    • The background of your image will be removed, and the foreground will be replicated in 3D
    • The text you submit will be used exactly as you type it. Please check your spelling before submitting!
    • If your image contains more than the allotted figures and you have not added the upcharge, your image will be produced in 2D
    • All bases are plug-in and LED




    How do you get the image inside the crystal?

    Our specialized lasers and computer technology allow us to take any photo and recreate it in intricate detail. The lasers create small fractures inside the crystal that look like dots to the naked eye. These dots combine to form your image in incredible detail.

    How do I order the design I want?

    To order, first select your size and then click on the "Click to Start Designing" button. Choose your design and upload your image. When you've decided on a layout, proceed to checkout.

    How do I order a crystal photo gift?

    It's easy! Just choose your size/orientation from the product page. Then upload your image of choice using our customization tool. From there, you can add text for no additional charge. Make sure you check your spelling since we'll add your text EXACTLY as you type it. Once you've made your selections, add the gift to your cart and proceed to checkout!

    How long does it take to make my photo gift?

    Your gift will arrive in 5-8 days on average. During holidays, it may take 10-14 days to produce due to the increase in orders.

    What image file types do you accept? What size is best?

    We accept PNG and JPG files. We recommend images that are 2MB or larger. Your 3D engraving will look best at higher resolutions. If you don't have a high resolution image, submit the highest size you have. We have had low quality images work.

    For more information, visit our FAQ page.