Valentine's Day

The ancient Greeks introduced us to eight different types of love. And we know that you're shopping for one of two main types of love: Eros or Pragma. Eros is the romantic type of love. That romantic, physical, passionate love that you share with your husbands and wives. Pragma is what you want your Eros to turn into. An enduring, mature love that has developed over long periods of time. You probably have countless photos with the person you share these kinds of love with, and many of them will make a perfect crystal photo gift.

But we also know that there are more types of love that you could be shopping for! Philia is the type of love you share with your friends. Grab a picture with you and your besties, and we'll turn it into an amazing gift to show them how much you care for them. Or maybe you're looking for a gift for someone you share Storge with. Your mom, dad, or grandparents. Maybe even your aunts and uncles! You could even be starting a new relationship and experiencing the playful love called Ludus. You've got butterflies in your stomach with this new boyfriend or girlfriend. Share your joy with a stunning crystal photo gift!

Regardless of the type of love you're shopping for, a flawless crystal photo gift is the perfect option. Created using over 1,000,000 fractures by a laser, a gift from Crystal Impressions is sure to show how much you care this Valentine's Day.