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memorial urn for horses

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Our customized memorial gifts are designed to respectfully honor the memory of a beloved pet and provide a special place to display their ashes. Each one is made by hand and is customized using an image that you provide. This urn makes it possible for the presence of your fur baby to live on forever using a 3D image and personalized message.

We will take your photo and remove the background. Then we'll transform it from 2D to 3D using our special technology. Lasers will insert your image into the crystal to create a lifelike likeness that captures every detail of your loved one. Each square inch contains about 1,000,000 dots.

Storage Color

The design of our urns is completely unique to our company and cannot be found anywhere else. Every memorial photo urn is made of clear crystal and includes a black crystal base that holds your loved one's ashes. Our specially designed gasket ensures ashes are sealed tightly.


Treasure your beloved pet with a Memorial Crystal Urn. The urn can be displayed almost anywhere in your home and will be a beautiful keepsake with your pet's accurate and life-like image. The urn also comes with a free LED light which illuminates your image in a precious way. We make it easy to add some of the ashes into a securely sealed container, which is hidden behind a black or white compartment.

        • Dimensions: 6.5" wide, 6.5" high, and 2.75" deep
        • The cylinder inside the column holds 2090 cubic inches of ashes, which is about 13 Tbsp total
        • Includes a funnel for storing ashes, beads, buttons, hair, or other momentos from your pet
        • Can use an image with 1-4 people or pets
        • 3D Engrave with a quote, name, or dates
        • 3D Printed in the USA


Who Does the Work?
Kyle is our laser artist who takes your photo and transforms it into an everlasting memorial using his specialized skill and technology. He can use any image that you have and will make sure that it looks its absolute best. He captures the smallest details! Once you place an order, any questions will be directed to Kari or Eric. They are here to address any of your concerns or give you an update if needed.

How do I insert something in the cylinder?
When you get the urn, you will use our custom funnel to fill it with whatever contents you'd like. Many folks fill the cylinders with ashes, but there are other options like hair, beads, buttons, or other small items that remind you of your loved one. The cylinder will not hold liquid of any kind.

How many figure can you fit in each Memorial Urn?
We recommend 1-4 figures for this photo urn. If you have questions, please contact us to see how we can help.

How big is the Memorial Urn?
This Memorial Urn is 6.5" wide, 6.5" high, and 2.75" deep. The cylinder inside the column holds 2090 cubic inches of ashes, which is about 13 Tbsp total.

Is the LED light base included?
Yes, the bases are FREE. We’ve picked the perfect sized base for each size of this keepsake urn, so it will look incredible!

Can I return my Memorial Urn for a refund?
Because our products are custom made and personalized, we cannot offer refunds. If you find that we've made an error, please contact us so we can make it right.



Made in the USA

Our memorial urns are engraved and shipped from our Minnesota location.

Use any photo

Send us the photo of your beloved pet and we'll turn it into a beautiful 3D Memorial Keepsake.

Easy to Use

Safely add the ashes using our funnel. Also includes a secure gasket which will keep everything in place.

Free shipping

Memorial Urns ship absolutely free to any of the 48 contiguous states.


Easily upload your image and customize your keepsake on our website

Our team will quickly process your order and handle the details with care, ensuring it ships out fast and on time

Our team is available to answer any questions you have about your order, so you'll always be "in the know"


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