Image Quality

You've decided a crystal photo gift is the perfect choice for you. But what about the image? We've gotten plenty of bad images in the past, but we're committed to making sure you get the most beautiful keepsake possible! We've created this guide to help you visualize what images work well for your gift and what images you should reconsider.

Still not sure if your image will turn out well? Send us your picture, and we'll tell you! We're always happy to help ensure you get the best quality possible!

Image showing good image quality compared to bad image quality with clarity, cropping and zoom, exposure, lighting and filters, vintage photos, and photos with groups

For the best possible personalized photo gift, you'll want to send us a clear, high resolution image of at least 2MB. This lets us create the best image inside the crystal as possible. You also want to make sure your exposure is balanced. If your picture has too much light or a flash on the figure, it will have the same brightness and limited detail in the crystal. If your photo is too dark, we won't be able to pull the subject out and give you the detail you're expecting.

Make sure your image fits the space well. If your subject is too far in the background of the photo, your image may not be as clear. If the photo is too cropped, important parts of the image will be missing. We also recommend not sending photos with filters or lens flares. These filters and bad lighting make the image harder to work with, and you'll get less detail in your photo gift.

We know there are important images in your life that weren't taken digitally. Vintage photos may have faded or been damaged and are harder for us to work with. If you're looking to use a vintage photo in your order, feel free to ask us if it will come out nicely! We're happy to help.

Finally, we know important events in your life may involve groups. You'll want to choose the right piece for the amount of people in your image. A family of seven won't fit well in some of our smaller pieces, and there is an additional charge for additional figures.

Need More Help? Not Sure About Your Image?