How It's Made

Crystal Impressions can turn your favorite memories into stunning crystal photo gifts. How do we do it? Check out the video to see how simple it is!

We’re pretty sure you want to know how we take your image and put it inside crystal. Prepare to be amazed as we walk you through the entire process!

First, we recommend choosing the picture you want in your personalized gift. That way you can pick the right shape and size for your favorite picture. Questions about your picture choice? Check out our Image Quality page for more information on quality or our How Does It Happen page for a quick look at what your picture looks like before the lasers turn it into a gift.

Once you’ve chosen your picture, choose your crystal shape. We’ve got a few to choose from. Then pick your size. Make sure you check the figure chart on the product page to make sure we can fit all the important parts of your image inside the crystal!

Now that you’ve chosen your shape and size, upload your image! If you want to add text for no additional charge, enter the text and choose a font. We recommend keeping your text short and sweet so your image can be the focus rather than your text.

Do you want your crystal to light up? Add an LED base for an additional charge. It really makes your image look incredible.

Finally, add your gift to your cart and check out! On your end, you’re done! Your photo gift will arrive in 5-14 days, depending on the time of year.

Once we receive your order, we turn your 2D photo into a 3D image. Once we have finished the transformation, we send that file to our state-of-the-art lasers. These lasers fracture the inside of the crystal to recreate your image! The finest details come out, as the laser fracture around 1,000,000 dots in each square inch. That’s a lot of dots!

When the lasers are done, we polish your gift to perfection and place it in a beautiful black gift box. We carefully package it and send it out to you via FedEx Smart Post.