You've got questions, and we've got answers! Here are some of the most common questions we get asked.


How It's Made

Q: How do you get the image inside the crystal?
A: Our specialized lasers and computer technology allow us to take any photo and recreate it in intricate detail. The lasers create small fractures inside the crystal that look like dots to the naked eye. These dots combine to form your image in incredible detail.


Ordering and Production

Q: How do I order a crystal photo gift?
A: It's easy! On the details page, choose your size/orientation. Then upload your image of choice. From there, you can add text for no additional charge. Make sure you check your spelling since we'll add your text EXACTLY as you type it. Once you've made your selections, add the gift to your cart and proceed to checkout!


Q: How long does it take to make my photo gift?
A: Your gift is produced in 5-8 days on average. During our busier seasons, it may take 10-14 days to produce.



Q: What file types do you accept?
A: We accept PNG and JPG files.


Q: What image size is best?
A: The best images come from images that are 2MB or larger. The higher the resolution, the better!


Q: What if I don't have a high-resolution image?
A: Submit the largest size image you have.


Q: Can I take a picture of a picture?
A: Yes! You can definitely send us a picture of a picture. This works especially well for preserving memories from decades before digital photography.


Q: How many figures can fit in a crystal?
A: That varies by the shape and size of the crystal. Check out the details page of each gift for a chart that shows how many figures will fit that particular crystal.


Q: Can I send a black and white image?
A: You sure can!



Q: What type of crystal do you use? Is it crystal all the way through?
A: Yes, it's all crystal. We use completely flawless optical crystal.


Q: How do you get such fine detail?
A: Our lasers fracture approximately 1,000,000 dots in each square inch for the greatest detail possible.



Q: Are the bases included in the price?
A: Yes, they are! We've picked the perfect base for your photo gift, and the bright lights make your image look amazing.


Q: Is the base attached to the crystal?
A: No, the base and crystal are separate.


Q: Are the bases lighted?
A: Yes, each base comes with LED lights and will plug into the wall.



Q: When will my photo gift arrive?
A: You will get an email from us when your order ships. This will include a USPS tracking number. All orders ship using USPS. Delivery time will vary based on your location.


Q: What happens if my gift gets lost in shipping?
A: This is rare, but it does happen. We'll work with you to replace your photo gift if yours is lost.


Q: What happens if my gift breaks during shipping?
A: We have tested our packaging extensively to make sure our gifts don't break, so this is rare. If it does happen, we'll work with you to replace your photo gift.



Q: Can I return my crystal if I don't like it?
A: Returns are rare because these gifts are personalized. 99.9% of recipients love their Crystal Impressions photo gift. Occasionally, we do have unhappy customers. We are committed to making things right, so please email info@crystalimpressions.com if you have any concerns, and we'll work with you individually.



Q: Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?
A: We process orders very quickly, so if you change your mind, contact us as soon as possible. If your gift has not reached the lasers, we can cancel it. Once your gift reaches the lasers, we will not be able to cancel. Email us at info@crystalimpressions.com if you need to cancel.